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Important information regarding district heating

Publisert 20.06.2024

From today you will have a new supplier of district heating. Solør Bioenergi has bought all our local heating systems, which means that Solør Bioenergi will from now on be the supplier of heating and hot water.

What are the practical consequences?

  • Terms and conditions for the service will remain unchanged until further notice.
  • Invoicing will, until further notice, continue from Lyse as in the past. Solør Bioenergi will inform you in due time when changes in the invoicing will take place.
  • Customer support will have new contact information:

What is the background for this change?

Most of our district heating systems use natural gas. To bring about a green transition more quickly, the local heating business is taken over by Solør Bioenergi. Solør Bioenergi is a major player in the industry with extensive experience in the use of various types of bioenergy.

Who is Solør?

Solør Bioenergi is a leading player in renewable energy with over 900 000 users, mainly in Sweden and Norway. Eventually, Solør Bioenergi will phase out natural gas and replace it with climate-friendly solutions. Solør Bioenergi will keep you updated about the process and what significance it will have for you. You can read more about Solør Bioenergi on their website.

Do you have any questions?

Solør Bioenergi can be contacted on telephone 51 02 00 19 or email kunde.rogaland@solorbioenergi.com.

You can also read more about this change on our website: Solør Bioenergi